ZARA Haul for Fall

L’automne is finally here.

I’ve gone my own route this Fall and put together what I want to wear this season and not what is “in” season. I wanted to keep this simple and create a mood board that can show you more of where my head is at rather than me telling you. I’ve pulled my favorites from Zara and the links will be attached under each photo. I’m very obsessed with a clean look lately with a tiny touch of detail and Zara is currently killing it. So let’s get in the mood. 


ZARA Fall/Winter 18 Logo Tee (obsessed)




ZARA Tailored Camel Wool-blend Coat 


ZARA Black Shopper Tote with detailed handles(dying over this)





ZARA Burgandy Booties






ZARA Striped blouse



ZARA Loose Fit Pant with Satin Stripes




ZARA Gold Link Necklace


ZARA Long Knit Dress (Sans beanie please)


ZARA Nude Knee Boots






ZARA Ribbed Turtleneck



ZARA Menswear Coat




ZARA Sateen Bodysuit (IN LOVE)


            ZARA High Waisted Jeans (The Perfect Wash)








I almost feel a bit naked doing a post like this without much writing but pics are fun and can maybe inspire someone else. I don’t know about you but I am always in search of new inspo, I live & breathe it.

Happy Fall,

-Court xx 

Shop your own closet

I never thought I would ever say this but I’m a little unmoved by social media. And by social media I mean Instagram. If you would ask my boyfriend he would tell you in a second that #OOTD (outfit of the day) is the only hashtag I know. I’ve been addicted to finding new bloggers to follow or worshiping the ones I already do on Instagram for so long. My only issue is that its become too perfect lately and I just can’t relate. 

On a side note, I fully support posting whatever it is you want and also the hard work that goes into some of these posts. I myself have done the same at one point or another. It’s just the world we live in now. In light of this, I wanted to do a post that had more of a minimal and abundance mindset. Let’s stop looking for more and do with what we have. And we have a lot. So, I was shopping my own closet and put together an easy list of clean/chic outfits you should be able to pull together with what you have already.

  1. All black with a neutral jacket. 

It doesn’t matter which way you spin it, this is your best and easiest bet. So clean and chic. Even without the jacket, all black should be your easiest staple.


2. Grab those button-downs & button-ups you’ve been ignoring. (Yes, there is a difference) 

At work or grabbing a drink, a button-up/down is another easy way to look put together, no shopping or effort required. The slouchier the better!


3. Make use of denim or chambray tops. (Yes,there is also a difference here)

 Another great piece to get you anywhere you are going. There isn’t a color you can’t pair these tops with so don’t neglect them either!


These are just a few I thought would be in most closets and would take you minimal time to put together. No overthinking it just throw on and go.

-Court xx

Also, throwing it out there again that all the pictures used are from Pinterest and are not owned by me. 

Target Broke My Neutral Rule

For those of you that don’t already know, I have a preference to wearing neutrals. For those of you that do know, I’m sorry I brought it up again LOL. I like neutral shades in my wardrobe because one, they match with more and I can create more outfits with less, and two, because it looks a bit less trendy in my opinion to stay away from loud colors or prints.

Welllll, I stopped by Target to kill some time today and fell in love with this Gingham Top. You might even think I’m dramatic for saying I stepped outside of my rules given its still black/white but baby steps people. Anyway it’s cute, simple, and could easily be dressed up or down. 

P.S. I apologize for the horrible messy dressing room pic but sharing is caring you know. 



Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

-Court xx

Where I’ve been for the last 2 months

I wish I could report that I’ve just come from a lavish 2 month tour around Europe but then I’d be lying. I actually haven’t been on any vacation or done anything remotely exciting or glamorous. I’ve been MIA because my obsession with Mary-Kate and Ashley has crippled my blog posting abilities. No, seriously. I absolutely obsess over them on Pinterest and IG and because of wanting to implement some pieces similar I haven’t bought anything new well, because I cannot find cheaper duplicates.  

I do feel like I say this a lot but their style is such an art form for me. From their Crocodile pumps & bags, to their always perfect denim and (lovely for me) their mostly neutral wardrobe, they are my heroes.  

If you know me or this blog then you know I have to shop smart. Every store I would normally go to is NOT on the same obsession train apparently. So I’ve been inspiration-less and my outfits are not exciting me at the current moment. I can’t help anyone when I can’t help myself LOL. Maybe one of you reading this can help a sista out?!

In all seriousness, all pointers would be appreciated. I’m just going to leave these pics here for you to admire with me. Let’s all hope the next post will be a follow up with better news and be a bit more inspirational for everyone.


I know, I know..

See you next post! 


-Court x

The timeless piece your wardrobe is missing

Breakfast at Tiffany’s has been my favorite movie since I was 18. My mom(thanks mom) had randomly gifted me an Audrey Hepburn Movie pack with about 6 of her most famous movies. I had never heard of her before but I’ve always been curious to learn about new people and opened it straight away. I was instantly hooked and wanted to know everything about her. At that time I was living in Belgium so of course I thought it was interesting to find out she was born in Ixelles, Belgium, which is just East of Anderlecht. The movie has a feel good factor to it and of course the outfits are fun to look at. My Favorite is the Trench she wears towards the end of the movie (pictured below).



Anyway, back to the reason you’re here, Target has done us all a huge favor. Channel your inner Audrey and go treat yourself to this classic Trench coat.  It’s super soft, lightweight, and obviously a timeless piece given that Breakfast at Tiffany’s was made in 1961 and we’re still wearing it. It is also a perfect transitional piece for the warmer spring weather coming up and so easy to dress up or down. It’s just perfect, OK? 🙂  I am also suggesting you watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s if you haven’t, unless classic movies aren’t your sort of thing. 


This outfit was too easy and I’m in love 🙂

Until next time babes!

-Court xx


Why I hate Valentine’s Day

Hey Babes!

I don’t know how the “Couples” holiday is already upon us again, but, here we are. I told myself the Super Bowl was  my last weekend to snack and take part in eating an excess of “junk” but I forgot this precious little day was around the corner! So am I taking part in eating heart-shaped Reese’s? You bet. What is portion control again? 

Do I hate Valentine’s Day because I have no sense of self-control with sweets? No- a little,maybe. I hate Valentine’s Day because every clothing store EVERYWHERE is whipping out their red or pink clothes for you to buy for your hot date. COME ON. I know I’m biased because I don’t wear these colors but I reaally don’t like it. I sound like the Grinch when he’s turning Cindy Lou down for Holiday Cheermeister but AHH. (I’ll stop being aggressive in a minute.) There’s nothing original about Valentine’s Day at all but can ya not carry that over to your outfits?! Pretty please? Ok, really though I’m not here to tell you what to do or wear, I’m just being me so sorry to those offended. I’m with you though, you wanna look good, be cute, and or sexy (I like to call it feminine). When I want to feel extra feminine I have a few go-tos. There are a few fabrics of choice and also what you’re showing off that makes something sexy to me.  You know how it goes, I’ll show you my Pinterest examples and find something similar and throw the link at you. 

One fabric that should be considered for your cute little date night is definitely Silk or Satin. I’m just going to show you what I mean rather than tell you. It says enough on its own, no crazy accessories needed IMO. 



This top from Forever 21 is stunning. For those not ok with the open slit I would slide a lace bandeau bra underneath and call it a day. You can find it here.


If that’s not your style these tops from H&M are so classy and so so so gorgeous and definitely feminine.


Another fabric to think about is Lace. We already know lace is hot so I’ll just leave it at that. 


When does Zara ever do you wrong? Well, never. The zipper going all the way up the back of this top…uhmm HEY GIRL!




You’d think I work for H&M given how much I praise them but they make it too easy for you. This black top is a simple T-shirt with lace sleeves and oh hey $13! We can deal with that. 



If you’re not feeling those fabrics, I love showing off shoulders or just one for that matter. It’s flirty and shows a hint of skin but doesn’t go overboard. Subtle is sexy, again just another opinion of mine.


H&M making life easy AGAIN, they kind of always have what you need. Just throwing it out there, this fine knit sweater is perfection. Super cute, super simple. 



As is this fitted off-the-shoulder jersey top. It wouldn’t be as heavy as that sweater and easy to throw together. Just realizing I’m finding a lot of mostly black tops, not intentional sorry ladies! 


Going to leave you on a high note because I’m CRAZY about this white woven top from Forever 21. It’s very feminine. Since I’m also on a denim kick right now, what looks better with denim than white? A high-waisted pair like in the photo is perfect to complete your date night outfit. Throw on some heels and you’re ready to text him that you’re ready to go knowing full well you need another 30 minutes. Just me?!


Hopefully this gave you some outfit inspo, No I don’t really hate Valentine’s Day, just not a fan girl of only having two color options, uhh no thanks. 🙂


See you next time

-Court xx

Who’s Influencing my style right now!?

I say I get excited to write every post but FOR REAL, I was pumped to do this piece.

My style is constantly changing. That’s because someone new inspires me every time I turn around. The only thing that doesn’t change is my color palette. I still won’t stray away from neutrals no matter what the inspiration. Maybe one day, but in doing so I steer clear of getting too trendy and wasting money on something I won’t want to wear in a month(neutrals match with more). There are a few women that inspire me and I owe a lot to Instagram and Pinterest because without them I may never have stumbled upon these icons. Yes, they are in that category for me. I’m not going to number these by favorite because I love them all equally (haha). Let’s get started.


Krystal Boyd-Priest

I cannot get enough of her! She’s from Australia and I believe the owner of The Black Wall, a very chill, tomboy-chic vibe clothing store.  I wanna say first I think I love her so much because she’s not wearing what you would see on anyone else and I love that she has the balls to wear things I would talk myself out of. Some things I might not ever wear but she rocks anything and everything she puts on and I want to be her yesterday lol. Her posts are Art to me. She gives me the little bit of edginess I crave in an outfit and her tattoos and platinum locks give me LIFE. If you’re on Instagram you have to follow her @krystalboydpriest. Do it now, thank me later. 





Ivana Revic

Ivana Revic has been one of my style go-tos since I want to say 2014 and she never gets old or gets it wrong. All of her pics have the same boho-beach theme and her style is always on point. There isn’t an outfit that she has ever put together that I would not wear. Ivana is perfection, from her outfits to her photos. I believe she’s from California and at one point had a blog but now I keep up with her on Instagram too! Her style can be minimal at times but always a boho-chic vibe with a hint of surf/skate style when she mixes in her sneakers. I never stop going to her for inspiration so I can’t say shes inspiring me right now, she is forever inspiring me. @ivanarevic




Caroline De Maigret


International Model, Music Producer and Coauthor of a super cute book (How to be Parisian Wherever You Are),Caroline has it all going on. She has modeled for several  well-known names, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton,Balenciaga,Hermès,Alexander McQueen just to name a few. She defines effortless French-girl chic. She is always put together without looking put together, you feel me? She is timeless and a natural beauty and the kind of confident you want to be. I also find her to be quite hilarious and recommend you watch her short YouTube clip she did a while back called 10 Ways to be Parisian with Caroline De Maigret. I love her sense of humor it just makes her that much more beautiful to me. If you’re looking for style inspo that isn’t just “Trendy” she’s your girl. 



Those are the ladies that Inspire me right now, hopefully you get something from them too! In one of my more recent posts I had talked about Nadia Anya and thought about adding her in this mix but didn’t want to be repetitive. Check out that post here or visit her insta page @nadiaanya_

Let me know below where you inspires your style ispo from  because I love learning about new people!

See you next time 😉